Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Then Ren and Stimpy sketches were quickly done last night. I sketched a couple frames from the start of the episode 'Stimpys Pregnant' where she (in that episode) is about to vomit.
I liked the animation so I copied it

Decided that Ive been slipping when it comes to drawing women, so I copied a few heads after watching The Boondocks


Decided today that everyday i'll warm up with a page of gestures in my A3 sketchbook
You'll have to click the images to look at them properly because the thumbnails suck

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Monday, 25 July 2011

Lesson 3 - Part 2

Having to keep redrawing the same picture over and over again until you get it right is really irritating and frustrating.
Im not sure how many I need to do but thinking about redoing all the lessons just to have them match up to the original photos is really off putting.
So I may just pick a certain amount and leave some

Lesson 3 - Check your copies

Here is my red copy against the image in the Preston Blair book
I got sick of redrawing another egg image when I was so close to having my image on target
So I rubbed out and tried to correct my mistake
I really need to work on my clean-up

Toy Construction 2 - Jinks

Still following John K's Cartoon College guide and to help with learning construction
I drew another set of cartoon toy heads from different angles

I think I need to remember to draw slowly at first so I concentrate more on getting the proportions right

But it was good that I did the Top Cat drawings first because that was simpler shapes and had less detail than this toy.
Next is to work on full characters (not just the heads) and Line of Action and comparing my previous drawings to the actual drawings and correct mistakes

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Design Practice 2

Heres another attempt at character design but this time an anime type character
that my friend told me to try design
He ended up being an evil character
I was struggling to choose some clothes and I still think the outfit sucks
but I had to draw something
Incase you can't see it properly he does have a cape

So now I know clothes design needs further practice

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Design Practice

I asked my friend to pick a type of character to design
This picture makes the drawing look much worse than it is
But it was my first time drawing a dark gothic type character
so it could have been much worse

I was having some trouble drawing the arms
because at times it looked too muscly and other times it was too small
in the end i gave up.
I also had problems drawing the head at the angle it is and it doesnt look right
Finally I think the body is too straight and the pose should be more curved.

But at least its a start and I am pushing my creativity by designing things
I havent designed before. I'll be mixing up my blog with the Preston Blair cartooning tutorials
and these kind 0f drawings in my sketchbook with Props and background aswell

Monday, 18 July 2011

Toy Construction Lesson 1

Here are my drawings for the toy construction exercise.
I posted part of page one on my previous post but here are the updates

I have a feeling that when I come to compare these to the photos
they are going to be miles apart

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Toy Construction - Quick Attempt

I had my first attempt at doing toy construction
Before I posted this, I compared it to the original picture and it is off
so at some point i'll redo this

Lesson 2 Completed

Lesson Two was all about 'Stretch and Squash On Heads' Basically I had the character 'meathead' when he is smiling, sad or angry which will stretch the jaw but the cranium will stay the same size.

End of Lesson 1

I finally finished Lesson 1 and I know I am improving
Heres my Progress